What Are You Eating?

Heather 2

Here is a box of donuts and here is my breakfast and snack for this morning. Mine contains all plant based ingredients, the donut contains everything you are going to rid yourselves of like high fake sugars, bleach, Chems, MOs etc.

Mine will fill me up and keep me full for some time, the donut will quickly rush thru the blood and be forced thru the pancreas and end up as nothing but sugar and will then drop your blood sugar and leave you tired and hungry.

Clean eating required no counting or weighing because if your clean everything does what it should for your body!!! There were no food scales 1000 years ago nor was there obesity!!! But I want you to see the numbers…

If you are here to gain- the donut still isn’t the answer!

Look at the comparisons

Donut.                My meal and snack

Calories- 270       Mine -405

Fat- 14.                 Mine-21

Carbs- 32.           Mine-23

Fiber- 1.               Mine-10

Sugar-15.            Mine-5

Protein-3.            Mine-17

100% of mine are naturally occurring, even the higher fat and calories are ok because they are GOOD, REAL NECESSARY fats not sludge fat from a factory.


Which do you think will last longer in my body and my mind and will feed my immunity and my mood? Which one will help to change my taste buds to healthy levels of recognition?

Put things in your mouth that matter!!!! That serve a purpose ?