Back to School (already)


School is exactly a week away. Is everyone ready? How many of you have gone and bought healthy foods and containers for the kids to start off on a great foot? All of our containers came in this weekend and we are IN LOVE!!!!  Don’t remember that blog? Here it is.

This weekend we will grocery shop and be ready for a smooth transition back into the school routine. Please know that it is NOT hard to multitask and pack healthy choices for the kids. It is so much better than having them eat those horrid chemical school lunches. Here is what I do:

While I am cooking dinner each night, I pretend that I am cooking for one extra guest.  Depending on your child’s appetite, you may even pull 2 “guest portions” out of just 1 extra serving like with my daughter!

So let’s say I am making chicken breast, mashed potatoes, salad, or whatever veggie…I will make one whole extra and this will get cut in half for Giana & go straight into her  PinnacleThermware container for the morning.

Let’s say they don’t eat like the rest of your family….Giana hates mashed potatoes so I’ll have one burner dedicated to a box of organic mac & cheese. There are several companies out there that make a good organic product, they can be found at all major grocery stores and online.

I send her to school with cereal as well! A small separate container of Organic Milk and a bowl of dry cereal and fruit on the side. How about some Siggis yogurt and a side of Bare Naked Granola? Full of protein to keep them going all day long! I also pack crackers, some organic Peanut butter, there are several brands available, a plastic safe kids knife and she builds her own cracker sandwiches. Cookies…full of chemicals. Publix has a great line of organic cookies that you can include in your lunches!

Do they love eggs? Make a Nellie eggs on the back burner for their lunch the next day, I do this all the time. Giana LOVES a fried egg on top of leftover white rice.  Do you see how this all fits into your dinner the night before? No real extra footwork here. Make it work for YOUR schedule.

Do they LOVE Lunchables….great but holy chemicals!  Make your own, have them help! Get some cupcake paper and a plastic container and make little compartments full of what they like! Use these companies as your guide:

Pizza Lunchables- go look how they do it…now replicate this in a healthy fun way. Applegate Turkey Pepperoni  with Simply Balanced Tomato Sauce, shred a block of cheese (less processing) and some crackers, a kid’s safe plastic knife and viola you have a Lunchable! Giana loves doing this at lunch as all her peers watch! Wow, Giana is that a knife lol? Wow, Giana what are you making? Believe me – your child will be cool and a walking example and any kid watching will run home and tell their parents they want to do it too!

The idea here is to make it easy & affordable for you & fun and healthy for them! With the  Pinnacle Thermware products, it is so easy!


Need some more product suggestions? Have a suggestion?  Comment below, I love sharing!!!