BJ’s Club

Well for someone who tries to stay ahead of the curve, I certainly fell short. That was until this weekend.  I have always been a Sam’s Club shopper but then once I really purged my “pantry” I had no real reason to go there any longer besides they have the best toilet paper on the planet!.  We have had BJ’sWholesale in the next town north for a couple of years now but the traffic stinks and I try and stay pretty close to home on the weekends so I just never went. I keep hearing about how they carry more & more organics so I finally bit the bullet and headed the entire 15 miles over (I’ve become one of those people)

First off let me say that unlike Sam’s, Bjs allows you to peruse the store before committing to a membership.  Love that. Second, they take manufacturer’s coupons!

I handed the fully charged, Wi-Fi capable smart phone to my kid and off we went!  I went up and down every single aisle even if I had no interest in what may be on the shelf.  I took over 50 pictures of organic and/or chemical free products that were Holistically Healthy Pantry approved.  I was so excited.  They had things I don’t see anywhere and some that I do.  They not only had free range no chemical chicken but they had ORGANIC chicken as well.  From honey, drinks, oils, spices, snacks, eggs, meats, seafood, dairy, you name it, they had it.

I was in my glory. All my mom kept saying was “someone is happy” lol and she was absolutely correct. I signed up and checked out and said goodbye to my obligatory Sam’s club renewal.

As far as the “I have to buy a years’ worth if I shop there” myth of the past, leave it there where it belongs!  I bought stuff as simple to finish as @Annies Organic granola bars for my daughter and 36 came in the box, for $9.99 and even had a box top for her school’s collection.  I found my @PeteandGerry free range, grass fed, organic brown eggs that I pay $6/dozen at Walmart & Bjs I bought an 18pk for .38 more!!!!

Don’t be silly and lazy like me, go check it out, it’s so worth the commute.