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Fed Up


The food industry is full of everything that is helping to cause weight gain, fatigue, medical conditions and death. How can we, especially our children want to live like we did 30 years ago when now you have suitcases that… Read more >

Holiday Giveaway


My Holistically Healthy Family, The time of giving should be year round but like last year, we need your help! Please message us and tell us a family in need. One that can simply use some good fortune and a… Read more >

Celiac Disease


recurring SEVERE abdominal bloating and pain chronic to SEVERE diarrhea weight loss pale, foul-smelling stool Chronic SEVERE anemia (low count of red blood cells) gas bone pain behavior changes muscle cramps fatigue pain in the joints seizures tingling numbness in… Read more >

BJ’s Club

Well for someone who tries to stay ahead of the curve, I certainly fell short. That was until this weekend.  I have always been a Sam’s Club shopper but then once I really purged my “pantry” I had no real… Read more >

Coconut Cilantro Stuffed Chicken


I use the cleanest, freshest and mainly all organic ingredients in my meals.  If any of this is what you would like then do the same, if your concern is none of that, then use your normal shopping habits and… Read more >

Trick or Treat?

yum earth

Trick or Treat Smell my feet Give me SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!!!! Does that mean GMO filled chemical candy? It really doesn’t have to. I am “that mom” that sends snacks to school that “I” am happy giving.  I send… Read more >

Make Fitness Your Own


Fitness comes in many forms.  For me, I have never been one to enjoy hopping around in aerobics or Zumba. I enjoy power walking, participating in 5ks for a cause, weights and most recently Yoga.  The misconception about yoga is… Read more >

Healthy With Heather-Round 2


Some of you are in the Challenge! Welcome and sorry for the late posting! In the Category Round 2 in the right sidebar you will find resources for the challenge as well as on the Group Page! Thank you for… Read more >

What Are You Eating?

Heather 2

Here is a box of donuts and here is my breakfast and snack for this morning. Mine contains all plant based ingredients, the donut contains everything you are going to rid yourselves of like high fake sugars, bleach, Chems, MOs etc…. Read more >

Do You Use Essential Oils?


Essential oils have been used for centuries for their healing and purifying effects on the body. There are 188 references to these precious oils in the Bible. They have always held extreme value by ancient healers and medicine men that… Read more >