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Time for Wine

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This 2014 Chablis from France has a distinct apple and ripe pear fruit flavor profile. Hints of vanilla give it extra richness added to it’s fruitiness. This wine is available from ABC Wine and Spirits for $18.99  

Do You Read The Labels?

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For those of you who are new to a healthier lifestyle…be aware. Just because something is gluten-free or all natural – it does not mean that it is free of chemicals! The same goes with vegetarian just because something is vegetarian does… Read more >

School-It’s Here

Well, the first day back to school is over for us here in the south, are you dreading the sniffles that await us all from all the new germs your children will be in contact with during the next few… Read more >

Have You Tried Coffee Beans?

coffee beans

On a recent visit to Trader Joe’s, I bought organic dark chocolate espresso beans which I love! It got me to thinking about those people who want coffee, but may not be able to have the milk and sugar and don’t… Read more >

What is Resveratrol?


Let’s talk about that antioxidant called resveratrol. The potent compound is focused in grape skins. It supplies a serious dose of antioxidants and may minimize your cancer risk. According to the current medical research, resveratrol hinders tumor development, damages bacteria,… Read more >



These fusion-inspired tacos combine the zesty flavor of Jamaican Jerk with the cool, sweetness of fresh pineapple and peaches. Serves 4 1 package Applegate Naturals® Peach Jerk Chicken Sausage 1 package corn tortillas 1/4 cup red onion, minced 1 cup fresh… Read more >

Back to School (already)


School is exactly a week away. Is everyone ready? How many of you have gone and bought healthy foods and containers for the kids to start off on a great foot? All of our containers came in this weekend and… Read more >

Pet Food Joy


Let me start this entry off by saying I know many, many naysayers will disagree with raw feed for your pup, but I would love to educate you just a bit.  It wasn’t until the 1920’s during the depression that… Read more >

Snack Shakes

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In my travels I am often asked to try products and give my opinion, review them so to speak. I will always give my honest opinion on an product I am asked to review. This is regardless of whether or… Read more >

How Can Garlic Benefit Me?


Garlic! The remover of all evil? The medicinal effects of Garlic are amazing! I believe in them unfailingly! Here are some of the things garlic can help with: High blood pressure Ear infections (all I use!) Cholesterol issues Heart disease… Read more >