Did You Know

Drink Too Much?


I’m neither a therapist nor a doctor, but I’ve had some amazing success at helping other people feel better. While the causes of a hangover are still poorly understood. The symptoms occur typically after the intoxicating effect of the alcohol… Read more >

How are Your Teeth?


Are you aware that your mouth and what lives in it is truly the gateway to your entire body & can affect many aspects of your health?  Conditions relating to your heart, diabetes, and even birth defects can be all… Read more >

Are You Eating Turkey?


Ever wonder why we eat turkey on this national holiday? Most people are under the belief it has to do with the pilgrims but truth be told, this tradition came much later on.  Turkey was and is considered an “American”… Read more >

Celiac Disease


recurring SEVERE abdominal bloating and pain chronic to SEVERE diarrhea weight loss pale, foul-smelling stool Chronic SEVERE anemia (low count of red blood cells) gas bone pain behavior changes muscle cramps fatigue pain in the joints seizures tingling numbness in… Read more >

BJ’s Club

Well for someone who tries to stay ahead of the curve, I certainly fell short. That was until this weekend.  I have always been a Sam’s Club shopper but then once I really purged my “pantry” I had no real… Read more >

How Often Should I Poop?


Everyone should experience at least two-three bowel movements per DAY!!!! Some researchers estimate that 4-5 million Americans are diagnosed with constipation annually, but this figure is likely very low. Why? Simply because mainstream physicians just don’t get the importance of… Read more >