For the Kids

Fed Up


The food industry is full of everything that is helping to cause weight gain, fatigue, medical conditions and death. How can we, especially our children want to live like we did 30 years ago when now you have suitcases that… Read more >

Trick or Treat?

yum earth

Trick or Treat Smell my feet Give me SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!!!! Does that mean GMO filled chemical candy? It really doesn’t have to. I am “that mom” that sends snacks to school that “I” am happy giving.  I send… Read more >

School-It’s Here

Well, the first day back to school is over for us here in the south, are you dreading the sniffles that await us all from all the new germs your children will be in contact with during the next few… Read more >

Back to School (already)


School is exactly a week away. Is everyone ready? How many of you have gone and bought healthy foods and containers for the kids to start off on a great foot? All of our containers came in this weekend and… Read more >

Back to School Lunches


If you are reading this right now, you can probably still remember how bad cafeteria food quality was when you were in school, but that was before GMOs invaded the food, and now with artificial growth hormones, MSG and aspartame… Read more >

Healthy Popsicles


Looking for a way to get some healthy juices in your child? Here is the answer!  Zoku Popsicle Molds The recipe possibilities are endless! Here is one of my favorites, it is great for the hot summer months or years round… Read more >