Healing Herbs

How’s Your Hoo Ha


Making your Hoo-hah happy again?  Do you suffer from yeast infections or vaginal itching? Many women do and it happens more often the older we get. Things like medications, diet, soap, even simple ph imbalances can send you to the crazy… Read more >

School-It’s Here

Well, the first day back to school is over for us here in the south, are you dreading the sniffles that await us all from all the new germs your children will be in contact with during the next few… Read more >

How Can Garlic Benefit Me?


Garlic! The remover of all evil? The medicinal effects of Garlic are amazing! I believe in them unfailingly! Here are some of the things garlic can help with: High blood pressure Ear infections (all I use!) Cholesterol issues Heart disease… Read more >

Cayenne Peppers are Good for You!


How are cayenne peppers beneficial to overall health? Cayenne peppers are considered a wonder herb for some people, because not only does it promote weight loss, it promotes overall health. If you add cayenne pepper to your diet, you are… Read more >