Have You Tried Coffee Beans?

coffee beans

On a recent visit to Trader Joe’s, I bought organic dark chocolate espresso beans which I love! It got me to thinking about those people who want coffee, but may not be able to have the milk and sugar and don’t like it black, or may even hate the stuff but really want some caffeine! Whew…here’s what I found.

Before people learned to brew coffee as a beverage, they ate the beans to get a boost of energy for hunts or while farming. Eating coffee beans has the same effects as drinking it. However, the effects are magnified because eating the beans provides all of the caffeine and other chemicals in coffee, not just what manages to drip through the filter. In addition, the active ingredients in coffee beans are quickly absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth.

Decreased Drowsiness

The caffeine in coffee beans helps people shake off sleepiness by blocking adenosine, the hormone responsible for drowsiness. With this chemical blocked, people feel more awake, alert and energized. However, once the caffeine is out of the body, people often experience a crash, leaving them feeling tired and mentally sluggish.

Decreased Pain

A 2007 study found that consuming caffeinated beverages before a workout reduced muscle soreness by 26 to 48 percent, depending on the type of exercise. The researchers believe this is due to caffeine’s ability to block adenosine, which is also responsible for the perception of muscle inflammation pain.

Laxative Effect

Coffee beans contain enzymes that stimulate bowel contractions. For this reason, coffee is a fast-acting laxative for many people. Even decaffeinated beans contain laxative-like enzymes

I think coffee beans are delicious! Another new thing for you to try!