Do You Read The Labels?

cheese balls

For those of you who are new to a healthier lifestyle…be aware. Just because something is gluten-free or all natural – it does not mean that it is free of chemicals! The same goes with vegetarian just because something is vegetarian does not mean it is not loaded with chemicals!!!

I can’t begin to tell you how many things we picked up today that were labeled as vegetarian, gluten-free or all natural..and yet were still loaded with artificial preservatives and coloring. Why the vegetarian companies feel that they need to add Caramel coloring to make it look more like a meat product I dod not know. So be wary, the only time you will find chemical free is when it says NON-GMO or certified organic!!!

If you are trying to live a chemical free lifestyle look for the non-GMO label and you have nothing to worry about there will be no chemicals!!! No need to flip and investigate ingredients for chemicals cause there are none!!!

However, if you are like me I want no chemicals 100% of the time and where possible, I prefer organic. my shopping is probably the most difficult which is why I am happy to share my knowledge and my findings with you! Keep it simple make baby steps and ask me whatever, whenever!!!

You will rarely find a product that specifically says it is genetically modified or genetically engineered however for the first time in my travels, I found one today! These cheeseballs actually say they are genetically engineered!!!

I was in shock and ran from those like I was being chased by a monster, the sad truth is at least they labeled it! Most companies don’t bother and aren’t regulated. This is precisely why if you can’t pronounce the ingredients…assume the worst! Good God please read your labels!