Fed Up


The food industry is full of everything that is helping to cause weight gain, fatigue, medical conditions and death.

How can we, especially our children want to live like we did 30 years ago when now you have suitcases that carry your belongings and your person! Or hover boards so you don’t have to actually walk? Or smartphones so you need no social skills or outdoor experiences? I walked everywhere as of the day I took my first steps and it was simply because we had no car and I was fit, lean and active. It wasn’t until I bought my first car that the structure of my habits changed! I no longer walked anywhere and could see a major shift.  Now our fight is that the major culprit today is in everything we tend to put into our mouths!  Are you helping or hurting your child? God knows we would never hurt them intentionally or let anyone else for that matter but guess what? That’s what we ARE doing by letting them drink soda and eat chemicals. We aren’t only setting them up for a huge struggle as a child but as an adult.  We have to shop better, read labels, make better choices, take the time to plan and prepare….. you aren’t helping if you aren’t making a change to grow healthy.

For some great entertainment or facts for you and yours watch Fed Up, a A great documentary on what to do and how to pull your kid out from the food industry “QUICK” sand!