How Can Garlic Benefit Me?


Garlic! The remover of all evil?

The medicinal effects of Garlic are amazing! I believe in them unfailingly!

Here are some of the things garlic can help with:

High blood pressure
Ear infections (all I use!)
Cholesterol issues
Heart disease
Hay fever
Cold & Flu
Bug bites (yep)
Fungal infections whether you intake or apply topically
Yeast overgrowth

It is also an amazing toxin remover!

Garlic is most effective when ingested raw!  Your family may run from you as mine does me, buy hey, it comes with the territory! Bonus, no vampires will come near you!

Allicin (contained within garlic) is released once you peel and crush the bulb ad makes it more bio available, meaning you are releasing all the power within. You take about 2-3 garlic cloves and slice into small pieces and add some local organic honey and swallow.  Taking this daily will help you to be more energized and feel more healthy and if anything else gets fixed along the way, then, you just grew healthy with me!

** As always if you follow my page: Natural medicinal use of plant-based items may be believed to be harmful or insignificant by medical professionals & the FDA. Our statements are recommendations only. See our disclaimer here. 

Stay tuned for my cookbook and more recipes!