We Found Guanabana


Mission Accomplished!

Today's Lesson and Good News! 

Guanabana is native to the Caribbean, Mexico and Cuba and it has been widely used in ancient and current times for an alternative cancer treatment and is believed to shrink cancerous tumors! In fact some cancer centers list it as a purported use towards cancer treatment, the leaves and fruit are frequently used to treat virus, infections and depression as well.

Holistic reports read; since 1976 guanabana has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 separate independent laboratory tests and that ONE chemical of the MANY found in Guanabana was found to selectively kill colon cancer cells at 10,000 times the potency of commonly used chemo drugs like Adriamycin. The best part of these tests concludes that guanabana was shown to selectively target the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells untouched!!!

A doctor in Peru advises patients to take this with chemo, as she believes that it will kill cancer cells and boost the immune system! She recommends this through her own experience, after an operation to remove her own cancerous tumor on one of her ovaries, the doctor was given a combined treatment of chemotherapy and dietary supplement of Guanabana to be taken three times a day. One year later, after she had battled intense side effects from chemotherapy including hair loss skin damage and severe nausea, she was not just in remission her cancer had completely disappeared and remains gone to this day two years later!

Sooooo I've known this for quite sometime and have been trying to find ways to get my hands on pure guanabana oil, as some of you know my husband was recently in Puerto Rico and although he went for his 40th birthday guys weekend he went with a personal mission at hand for our friend/family member Annette!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...He has obtained the oils and even some fresh guanabana for us to harvest ourselves for the benefit of others!