How’s Your Hoo Ha


Making your Hoo-hah happy again?  Do you suffer from yeast infections or vaginal itching? Many women do and it happens more often the older we get. Things like medications, diet, soap, even simple ph imbalances can send you to the crazy house when the hoo-ha is unhappy.  Don’t treat it with more medications,  treat it naturally! You don’t think our ancestors ran to the counter and grabbed chemical filled suppositories do you? I for one can tell you, my body rejects these “cures” the medications hurt me even more! Try my method and you will be shocked at the results.

Take a garlic clove and lightly scrape each side Take a threaded needle and thread the string (about 12″) through the center of clove and tie it off. Insert the clove leaving the string hanging like you would a tampon. Go to sleep, you may feel something that would resemble a sucking sensation like a baby feeding, this is ok it’s the garlic pulling any bacteria close. You may also have the taste of garlic in your pallet, this is ok too and it’s because the vagina happens to be directly related to your mouth!

Do you have outer hoo-ha irritation? Take Bragg Usda Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 Fluid Ounce(unfiltered with its mother), simply pour some in your palm and cup it onto the entire vagina, yes it may sting some but no worse than your current suffering! Relief will soon be yours!

Try these methods and I promise you’ll be so happy to eliminate the use of more chemicals than your body needs! Get back to nature! Here’s to happy hoo-ha’s!!!!!

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  1. Brynn

    I have heard of this before and the amazing results! I myself put raw garlic in all my green tea, which is alot, and that seems to help ward off any issues. Thanks for sharing!

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