Menu of Services

Initial Consultation

One hour private session dedicated to exploring your goals, needs and desires. We will work together to design a holistic nutrition plan that will fit your lifestyle and budget and get you to your goal. 

Monthly Holistic Nutrition Counseling

The monthly plan includes the initial consultation and two one-on-one visits, as well as access to me via text and email weekdays from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm (alternate times can be scheduled). We will begin the process of tracking weight and measurements, shopping, cooking and meal preparation. I will provide you with written materials to assist in your shopping, meal preparation as well as tips and advice on how to handle those busy days when planning is tough. I am available to you for any and all questions, advice and information. We will do what it takes to get you to your goal.

Supplement and Herb Practices 

If you are interested in healing yourself holistically? This program is designed to aid you in treating common ailments naturally as well as improve your life and health holistically. This consultation will include guidance to build health and eliminate illness through herbs, tinctures, aromatherapy and natural supplements while controlling diet and movement. This plan can stand alone or be added to your monthly plan, this is only offered to those that partake in a clean diet and disclose medical history. 

Guided Local Shopping Trip (2hrs) 

Let's go on a field trip!  I will teach you to read labels, understand the marketing ploys the big companies use to suck you in. You will learn what ingredients are really telling you and what the best brands are to incorporate into your daily diet. I will walk you through step by step, you will leave the store with an understanding of how you can incorporate holistic nutrition without breaking the bank. 

In-Home Pantry Swap 

I will come to you. We will go over your pantry with a fine tooth comb. I will teach you what your labels are telling you and together we will come up with a plan to eliminate the unhealthy choices you may be making and substitute healthier options. 

Monthly Workshops

I conduct monthly workshops on a variety of topics. Monthly clients will receive 10% off the cost of any workshop they attend.