How are Your Teeth?


Are you aware that your mouth and what lives in it is truly the gateway to your entire body & can affect many aspects of your health?  Conditions relating to your heart, diabetes, and even birth defects can be all due to bad oral health!

With that said I went to the dreaded dentist this week after skipping out for almost a year and a half. I pay for great insurance but just never go! Well, at 41 years old I have a new cavity, some old fillings that they want to replace with overpriced caps due to underlying bacteria and of course, I have a couple pockets of periodontal disease which means that my gum is running away from my tooth (lol).

The bill? A whopping 2k!!!! Now I can forgo the caps but the rest…II’m thinking are pretty important at this juncture.  I absolutely have no $2000 sitting around and don’t want my teeth to cause even more health issues so what is one to do? Oh, YES! That’s right…..I forgot that I practice holistic measures at better health and treating ailments (roll of my eyes). I guess Ill give that a try!!!!

have you heard of the newest craze called “oil pulling”? Not so new my friends, this practice has taken place for centuries. Oil pulling literally pulls the toxins right out of your mouth, be sure to use 100% organic oil – sesame, olive, or coconut.  I will be practicing this and many other proven methods to heal myself at a much smaller price tag! Stay tuned for the results!

Like most ailments, There are many many ways to treat your mouth including herbs, oils, pastes, tinctures and more, but here is what id like to give you to chew on… (heehee)

When you eat and drink well and reduce the chemicals and toxins that you put into your diet, you reduce your ENTIRE exposure to harmful bacteria causing irritants. Just always remember what you put into your mouth goes much further and runs far deeper!