How Often Should I Poop?


Everyone should experience at least two-three bowel movements per DAY!!!!

Some researchers estimate that 4-5 million Americans are diagnosed with constipation annually, but this figure is likely very low. Why? Simply because mainstream physicians just don’t get the importance of 2-3 bowel movements daily, and in fact, consider such a goal to be ridiculous’ – bet that number shocked you??

The truth of the matter is that we were designed to quickly process the food we eat and eliminate the waste products promptly. In more primitive cultures — especially when their diet is primarily raw grains, fruits, and vegetables instead of processed and refined foods — it is common for people to eliminate about 20 minutes after every meal, an event that happens several times daily.

Now, digesting and eliminating red meat is a bit harder as some evidence shows humans don’t have the enzymes required to properly break that meat down!!!

If you are not having bowel movements often enough, are suffering from hard stools and having to strain to move your bowels, or experiencing foul-smelling stools, I would be very concerned about the health of your bowel and you may qualify as having a constipation concern. The subject of how to eliminate constipation without the use of toxic chemicals and harsh herbs should be important to you.

Did you know many medications cause levels of constipation? Including antihistamines, cough syrup, pain killers and antidepressants. Other factors include lack of movement and an unhealthy diet.

You all know I am not shy, the healthier I started eating the better I felt, emptier and I never suffered from constipation. Stay hydrated, eat healthy and eliminate your body of toxins!