Back to School Lunches


If you are reading this right now, you can probably still remember how bad cafeteria food quality was when you were in school, but that was before GMOs invaded the food, and now with artificial growth hormones, MSG and aspartame it is even worse. The harsh truth is these foods are toxic, processed, genetically mutated pesticide food that the children are shoving into their mouths because they’re starving and get no other choice unless you send them with one.

This is not a smoke screen, I am not a crazy tree hugger, I am a MOM like you! I get lazy, I don’t make a lot of money, I get tired of the battles with my 8-year-old but I also won’t let her walk into my garage and gulp ammonia & bleach so why am I allowing these toxins and not those? This school year, even if its baby steps, please make an effort to send them with REAL FOOD. These are some things that I do & plan to do.

First off: buy a few quality containers. Fun ones. MAKE THIS FUN!

Sistema To Go is our favs! Compartments & such give the “lunchable” feel.

I also have invested in one or two heat keepers!

PinnacleThermoware is amazing! Warm lunches are not impossible, they are in fact they are quite easy!

Now for food some food:

Honest Tea Honest Kids Organic Juice packs

Cheese, crackers, fruit. Make your own lunchable. Let them build it!

Applegate lunch meat with Dave’s Killer Bread

Have a lunch lover you really want to fill up or an athlete? Make a meal, wrap or sandwich from Sweet Earth Foods protein nutrient packed! Put in your warm keeper and magic! Add  celery sticks and some organic ranch, make a veggie tray! Organic PB & J is a favorite. Did you know that Smuckers makes an Organic Peanut Butter? You can get it at Publix or order from Amazon, if you are a Prime Member it is at your door in 2 days with free shipping (usually significantly less than grocery store price!

Organic Yogurt, Kashi Bear Naked Granola, homemade muffins with real chocolate chips, soup in a thermos, how about an Applegate Hot Dog in a thermos of warm water, add a bun and some fun condiments. The ideas are endless!


Make it simple make it colorful and make them feel like the adult!!! every kid at the table will want their lunch!