Snack Shakes

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In my travels I am often asked to try products and give my opinion, review them so to speak. I will always give my honest opinion on an product I am asked to review. This is regardless of whether or not I received the product for free or a reduced price. I was asked to try out the Advocare Snack Shake by my friend Amanda who is an Advocare Independent Distributor.

The Snack Shake is yummy! You mix it up with water and it packs quite a punch. I had the chocolate flavor which has a velvety rich flavor, it is not green tasting at all! It is sweetened with stevia, but is not too sweet. It also contains some amazing live cultures and Algaes like chlorella and sprulina. It contains prebiotics, probitics and digestive enzymes. It also has 13 GRAMS of PROTEIN. This one has my stamp of approval!

If you want more information on the shakes contact Amanda here.