What is This Superfood?


Imagine a plant that can nourish your body by providing most of the protein you need to live, help prevent the annoying sniffling and sneezing of allergies, reinforce your immune system, help you control high blood pressure and cholesterol, and help protect you from cancer. Does such a “super food” exist?

Yes. It’s called spirulina.

Unlike plants you may grow in your garden, this “miracle” plant is a form of blue-green algae that springs from warm, fresh water bodies. If you’re a vegetarian, you may turn to plant-protein sources such as nuts, beans, lentils, and soy products. Unfortunately, soy is not the health food it claims to be! Did you know cancer survivors aren’t allowed soy?

No source of animal protein can compare to the protein delivered by spirulina. Spirulina is 65-71 percent complete protein compared to beef, which is only 22 percent, and lentils, which is only 26 percent!!!!!!! That’s huge!

Although it’s been around for centuries and I believe was discovered in Mexico it only came to the U.S. In the 70s.Today, these nutrient-rich algae are being used around the world to help treat illness and are being seriously discussed as a sustainable source of food with the potential to end world hunger!!!

Unlike most plants, which need to be cultivated and nurtured, spirulina is a survivor, able to withstand extreme temperature variations and neglect and still thrive, spirulina is being successfully used to treat a wide variety of ailments!

If you have an autoimmune disease such as Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lupus or fibromyalgia, chronic candida and yeast can both cause and worsen your symptoms.I learned about this in 03-04 when I had a bad candida over growth. I started to use Spirulina because it has been shown to encourage and support the growth of healthy bacterial flora in your gut, which can help keep candida overgrowth under control. Which can contribute to weight gain and the inability to lose!

I used to shudder when naysayers told me I could never get enough protein without meat! In addition to being protein-rich, spirulina is an excellent source of vital amino acids and minerals easily assimilated by your body. You would need to consume only two tablespoons of spirulina as a protein substitute for a meal. That’s it! Oh and besides all this good news, it lowers cholesterol, assists with high blood pressure and is a huge huge contributor to the cancer fight especially breast cancer Spirulina can also help with neuropathy and pain associated with the nerve damage and many many other things!!

Spirulina is sweet and can be added to things like shakes! You can find spirulina in your local health food store! You can also find organic spirulina powderon Amazon.