Trick or Treat?

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Trick or Treat

Smell my feet


Does that mean GMO filled chemical candy? It really doesn’t have to.

I am “that mom” that sends snacks to school that “I” am happy giving.  I send a bushel of bananas for 50 cents a pound, I send healthy fun granola bars, I send healthy yummy muffins or chemical free cookies. Some of these are probably not as suitable for the pillowcase the little ones will hold open at your doorstep this Halloween, but you can certainly be creative and healthy on a budget vs. giving pure crap.

How about fruit roll ups? Or gummies. Well, Annie’s makes some great ones. Target’s Simply Balanced makes them as well. Either or both are organic/or GMO free.  This means no harmful food coloring and preservatives and just as appealing as the ones we are trying to avoid.

There are some amazing bars out there now, individually wrapped and full of fruits, veggies and no harmful yuck.

Our very favorites are ClifKid Organic ZBar. Things like Sweet Potato, Iced Oatmeal, Beet & Berry or Carrot, Mango, Orange, these ghouls & goblins that come a-knockin will never be the wiser! Some other options are Nature’s Bakery fruit bars, flavors like fig, raspberry, blueberry, brownie, strawberry & pomegranate just to name a few or how about some Capri Sun organic juice pouches? They all love juice pouches! Be creative, give out mini boxes of raisins, plain or yogurt or chocolate covered. My daughter loves to get honey sticks! Yep, local honey filled in a stick that you cut open and pour in your mouth!

And last but certainly not least you can absolutely find all sorts of organic candy and the most affordable would be a choice like YumEarth Organics Lollipops!

You may not think it’s a big deal to be “the house” that hands out something healthy and honestly, you may be the only one (or one of very few) like I always say “vote with your dollars”. That means a lot more than the obvious. It means to start a trend. Stand out, be fun, be creative, stay on a budget but be the one that is a leader and sits on top of “the box” instead of hiding in it.

You’ll feel amazing knowing that when those princesses and superheroes lay their head down to sleep on Halloween night, their belly ache isn’t because of something you spent your money on, and that when they come across your giveaway they will raise a brow and have  smirk on their tiny face as the realization sets in that they actually look forward to an unlikely healthy treat and want to return to “that house” again for years to follow!

We have provided links to all of these products on Amazon, but you can certainly find them in your local stores!