What I Do

As your holistic health coach and/or counselor, we will work together to optimize your physical, emotional/mental, cognitive, social and spiritual health by identifying the underlying causes of your symptoms and exploring a variety of self-care strategies that empower you to take control of your own healing path but please never leave out making a partner of your health care provider. Where they can bring you medicinal expertise, I cannot.

These holistic self-care strategies may consist of changes in diet, green living, nutritional supplements, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing exercises, changes in lifestyle, and more.

I hold a certificate of completion in Holistic Nutrition and Counseling. Furthermore, I have overcome many challenges in my own life like anxiety attacks, cigarette addiction, sugar and carb addiction, morbid obesity and more. So, my expertise comes to you on both a professional and personal level.

As I see it, the common underlying causes of many medical and psychiatric health conditions tend to fall under the categories of poor diet and gut health, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, chronic stress and extreme lack of self-concern and attention. Therefore, many psychological and physical symptoms and conditions can be alleviated, or dramatically improved, by making simple changes in the diet, environment and lifestyle and replenishing nutrients.

Sometimes, not all conditions, illnesses or diseases can be completely "healed", but they can, at the very least, be significantly improved with the right interventions. We will, of course, look for healing where it exists, but complete healing is a journey, that usually takes time. Being healthy does not always mean the "absence" of disease or illness. It means living and functioning as optimally as possible with your condition. Finding harmony and balance in the midst of the storm, while continuing to strive for a more optimal level of health.